How much do sugar babies make when dating sugar daddies?

A sugar baby is a young female or male who is cared for or pampered financially by a sugar daddy or sugar mummies in exchange for companionship such as sexual favours. One of the most heated debates on social media all over the world is how much do sugar babies make.

Factors that determine how much do sugar babies make

Several factors dictate how much do sugar babies make. Some of these factors include; location, lifestyle expectations, time to be spent together, generosity of the sugar daddy and activities involved among others.
The location of the sugar baby and the sugar daddy will determine the allowances that a sugar baby makes. This is because in large cities like London, New York and Berlin, there is a high cost of living and also most of the sugar daddies probably have jobs that pay well hence leading to sugar babies getting huge allowances as compared to the smaller cities.
The generosity of the sugar daddies will determine how much do sugar babies make. The will to give varies among different sugar daddies; therefore, sugar babies lucky enough to get generous sugar daddies will automatically earn more.
Another major factor that dictates how much a sugar baby makes is the time and activities involved. More time spent together means more allowances for the sugar baby. Most sugar daddies want to do “mature” stuff if not immediately then eventually and this attracts a high cost.

How much do sugar babies make

How much do sugar babies make in different categories?

The sugar babies allowance expectations can be classified into four groups. The first category is for those sugar babies with arrangements which are not fully established. They earn between $1500 to $2000. The second category of how much do sugar babies make is the one that hosts the established arrangements between the sugar daddies and sugar babies. The earning under this category is between $2000 to $5000. The third category hosts the partners that have already developed a good rapport and probably have been dating for quite a long time. The sugar babies can earn between $5000 to $10000 under this category. The last group of how much do sugar babies make is the most elite of sugar babies allowances. The earning is from $10000 to $20000, and under this category, the sugar baby can be fairly regarded as the sugar daddy’s mistress.

How much do sugar babies make averagely

It is clear that sugar babies have different rates when it comes to the allowances they get from there sugar daddies. The average sugar babies allowance is $3000 per month.