Some of the Most Interesting Stories of Sugar Babies

People assume so many things about sugar dating. Specifically, being a sugar baby is an often-misunderstood profession. Some people may demonize it while other demonize. However, the truth is that sugar dating is just like any other industry role. It has both good and bad experiences, and to the extreme end, you will even hear of full-blown horror stories. You just need to hear some of the stories of sugar babies either from the sugar babies themselves or from their clients.
Below are some of the stories of sugar babies that are thrilling or scary or even both.

Stories of sugar babies – she wanted a portion for her boyfriend too!

In the stories of sugar babies, one sugar daddy reveals that he once took out a potential sugar baby to lunch. Everything was going as planned until he offered her a to-go box and packed lunch. To his shock, she asked if she could get one for her boyfriend too, who as it turns out was even waiting for her in the car.

Stories of sugar babies who found a connection and later love
One sugar baby tells a story of how she found a perfect connection with a sugar baby. She later fell in love with the man. She says that before him, she had dated ten sugar daddies.

Stories of Sugar Babies

Falling for a Date’s Sister

In the stories of sugar babies, one sugar daddy once confessed for being attracted to his sugar baby’s sister. The sugar baby had tagged along with her sister on one of their dates. The sister turned out to be stunningly beautiful and he was left in a dilemma as he did not want to offend his sugar baby.

Stories of sugar babies in relation to money

Most sugar babies confess that money makes everything in the relationship to run smoothly. They believe that most sugar daddies are businessmen that do not have time to focus on and sustain a real relationship. Thus, the relationship is anchored on the money that they dish out to lavish their sugar babies.

The memories make the most of it

One sugar baby revealed that the memories make a bigger part of the relationship. She always remembers her trips on a yacht, shopping sprees in London and holidays in Miami.

She dumped her boyfriend

Stories of sugar babies can be shocking too. One sugar baby said that she had to dump her boyfriend because her sugar daddy was not comfortable with their relationship. She reasoned out that after all, she was getting all she needed financially from her sugar daddy. Thus, she did not see any reason to hold on to her broke boyfriend.

There are many stories of sugar babies out there. All in all, being a sugar daddy or sugar baby is a personal choice and it is not dependent on any of these tales.