Interested in the types of sugar babies

Toying with the idea of becoming a sugar baby has me thinking about all the wonderful ways in which our society is facilitating this ancient and usually ‘frowned upon’ phenomena. Thank goodness it is 2018 so in our increasingly liberated world the reality of compensated dating has dramatically risen and more and more people seem to be interested and completely accepting of this arrangement. Let’s explore some more.

What are the types of sugar babies?

I think it can be narrowed down to 4 distinct types.
There is the “Spoil Me Like Crazy” type of sugar baby. Showering these types of sugar babies with expensive gifts, taking them out to expensive restaurants and making sure they are spoiled with pampering at luxury spas and in exclusive hotels or with overseas holidays is exactly what they want and get. These types get a Gift Daddy, a wealthy, mature man who is more than happy to spend a fortune on gifts and treats.

types of sugar babies

There is the “Cash is the Only King” type of sugar baby. These types of sugar babies are very specific about what it is that they are interested in and that is the financial compensation for their time, attention and affection. The most important factor for these types of sugar babies is the weekly or monthly allowance given to them by their “Allowance Daddy”.

There is the “Mentor Me” type of sugar baby. These types of sugar babies are a relatively new niche of women who are interested in financial compensation as well as being mentored by their Sugar Daddy. These types of sugar babies want to spend time with and learn from older, wiser men who can teach them how to further and enrich their lives in all the ways that these men have excelled.

There is the “Marry Me” type of sugar baby. These types of sugar babies are women who want it all. They are interested in meeting and forming relationships with older, wealthy men who are interested in this arrangement becoming one of strong attachment, which leads to marriage.

Choosing from the types of sugar babies

The stark reality of being alone and isolated stares us all in the face at some stage of our increasingly busy and isolated lives but there is hope of connection, closeness and a mutually beneficial arrangement of relationship to suit every need and desire for people of all ages and stages of life. Sugar is sweet and this choice is all about the sweet spot of reciprocity.